Do you want to attract the top talent?

Is your recruitment process unstructured and disorganised?

The HR team will generally be in charge of recruiting new employees to the company,

and this is an important part of HR work.


Is your recruitment process letting you down?

For a recruitment process to work it has to be structured, it has to be repeatable,

and it has to reap the right results for the business. Recruitment processes for businesses

can be simplified and streamlined through istHR’s human resource recruitment software.


This all-inclusive system manages everything across the spectrum of HR responsibilities,

from recruitment and meetings to supervision and appraisals.

Recruitment software has to work for your employees and your business as a whole.

 It has to enable you to pick the best candidates, it has to be efficient, reliable and repeatable.


Our recruitment software will do this for you.

It can also be adopted and adapted to suit your needs.

 If your recruitment process has become too long-winded and unstructured

then our software might offer the solution.


It will allow for improved communication among those responsible for hiring new staff.




istHR Human Resource Recruitment Software

2nd October 2015