Are your HR employees forever compiling time-consuming spreadsheets?

Perhaps they’re let down continually by outdated software?

Do your staff get confused over what human resources tasks have been done and which have not?


 No doubt all your necessary human resources functions take time – that’s time that could be spent more productively in dealing with the core issues assigned to the human resources department


Whether you’re a small start-up just finding your feet or an established business enterprise, you can streamline all your human resources functions with software provided by istHR


Holidays, for example, can be a time-consuming aspect of the work carried out by HR employees. But with the human resources holiday software provided by istHR, you won’t need spreadsheets any longer as everything can be done easily and seamlessly online. With our software, your employees will save time, while efficiency and productivity will be increased


istHR is a cloud-based human resources management system which can manage all aspects of your daily operations, streamlining and simplifying them,

saving you time and your business money


Our software makes business management easy


No more time-consuming problems, only solutions with istHR




Human Resources Holiday Software

25th July 2015