Is it time to simplify and streamline your business management operations?

Are your human resources administration processes taking too long to complete?

Are you a business looking to save time and money?


Of course you are. What business doesn’t want to save time and business money?

Why waste too much time on matters such as recruitment, meetings, holidays and absences

when your employees’ attentions could be focused elsewhere,

dealing with more important considerations?



As any business owner will know, in order to flourish, grow and expand your business enterprise, operations need to be efficient if they are to be productive. If you want this level of efficiency and you want to save time and business money then a simple, fast, and cost effective software solution is available to you, and it’s available through our istHR software.



istHR is a cloud-based, all-inclusive management system which can manage all aspects of supervision and appraisals, recruitment, training, disciplinary procedures and more, while documents can all be fully-integrated with instant messaging and actions.


Your staff will find it easy to use, easy to operate, and easy to benefit from.

Your HR department will never have been so organised.


 Find your solution, with istHR.



Human Resources Instant Messaging Software

17th July 2015