Human resources management personnel are responsible for recruitment,

career development, selection, and absence, among other areas.

But do you feel your HR practitioners need a little helping hand? Would you like to streamline operations and improve efficiency across the board?


istHR human resources management software can help, as can our training service.

We offer comprehensive and effective training to help those who utilise our software to

get the most from it. We can provide on-site training, and we can work to your busy schedule.

It’s important that all staff know how to get the most from this resource, and our training

will show your staff how to use the human resources management software system effectively.

We also offer interactive online training which allows employees and users who

 are unfamiliar with this system to be able to use it with confidence.


Do you want to save your HR employees time and save your business money?

Of course you do, and this is where istHR comes in.


A cloud-based system, with this powerful tool you can manage

all your HR tasks and processes more effectively and easily.


istHR Human Resources Management Training

2nd September 2015